Wishing to share with others Jerry’s passion for the steam locomotive, we at the Age of Steam Roundhouse seek to:
  1. Preserve the steam locomotives, historic diesels, passenger cars and other railroad relics in the collection of Jerry Joe Jacobson.
  2. Construct a full-scale, operating and realistic roundhouse and back shop to overhaul, repair and maintain Jerry’s rolling stock
  3. Fire-up and operate a few of the steam locomotives on occasion non-passenger carrying and non-revenue freight trains
  4. Display and interpret this railroad heritage for the edification, enlightenment and entertainment of future generations of Americans
  5. Because Jerry Jacobson sold and no longer owns the neighboring Ohio Central RR, the Age of Steam Roundhouse will not be sponsoring any sort of steam passenger excursions on that line.
The entire Age of Steam Roundhouse and site are being constructed and maintained with private funds donated by Jerry Joe and Laura Jacobson. The roundhouse and back shop were completed in late 2010, with other buildings and structures being completed later during Phase 2 of this massive undertaking. Additionally, an endowment has been established so that the monumental construction work of this roundhouse and the treasures it contains may be guaranteed continued existence into the future.
Since he no longer owns a railroad line, Jerry will not be running passenger excursion trains. However, numerous times each year Jerry’s steam locomotives will be used to power freight trains across the rails of neighboring railroads.