The Age of Steam Roundhouse – Where is the OCRS?


Long-time steam locomotive aficionado, Jerry Jacobson, who was CEO and Chairman of the Board of the Ohio Central Railroad System (OCRS), decided to retire from the railroad industry. Effective as of October 1, 2008, Jerry sold his entire freight railroad interest in OCRS to Genesee & Wyoming, Inc. Included in that transfer were the ten, separate and individual railroads that comprised the greater OCRS, all track, property, modern diesel locomotives, freight cars, the Morgan Run Shop, and all other depots and structures. The control and day-to-day operation of OCRS leased railroads – for example, the ex-PRR Panhandle Line which is still owned by the State of Ohio and the Mt. Vernon-Newark-Zanesville-Cambridge line which is still owned by CSX Transportation – were assigned to G&W with the permission of the owners of these leased lines.


Based on OCRS’s low operating ratio, yearly growth and continuing profitability, it had become a prime candidate for a friendly takeover by a larger railroad. Negotiations were held with several railroads, but G&W got the nod to add the 525-mile OCRS to its list of 53 other short line railroads. However, Jerry retained ownership of all ten of his beloved steam locomotives, 22 old diesels, twelve heavyweight and twelve lightweight passenger cars, and the depot at Sugar Creek. (Notice that the railroad spelling is with 2 words, but the village spells its name with just one word, Sugarcreek.)


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