Army 2-8-0 No. 612
Builder: Baldwin Locomotive Works - Philadelphia, PA
Built: November 1943                
Serial No: #69857
Wheel Arrangement: 2-8-0 Consolidation ("Yanks" in England)
Driver Diameter: 57"
Cylinder Bore x Stroke: 19" x 26"
Boiler Pressure: 225 psi
Pulling Power: 31,000 lbs. tractive effort
Engine Weight: 72 tons
Tender Weight: 58 tons
Length: 61'
Fuel: Coal
Capacity: Coal - 9 tons; Water - 6,500 gallons
Class: S160
Status: Non-operational
The Age of Steam Roundhouse is pleased to announce officially 
the recent acquisition of its 14th steam locomotive, the former 
United States Army Transportation Corps (USATC) “G.I.” 2-8-0 #612.
This locomotive is one of 2,120 standard design, S-160-class 2-8-0s constructed during World War II for railroad service in North Africa, Asia, Great Britain, South America and almost all of Europe.
Eight of these G.I. 2-8-0s have been preserved on American soil; about two-dozen exist worldwide. When it rolled out of the erecting halls at Philadelphia’s Baldwin Locomotive Works in 1943 this 2-8-0 carried road number 2630, but was never shipped overseas. Instead, it remained stateside and was used for railroad operation and maintenance training at the U.S. Army Transportation School at Ft. Eustis, VA.
The 2630 was renumbered 612 in 1954, and remained on active duty for the Ft. Eustis Military Railroad until the end of steam operations there during 1972. During 1972 #612 was donated to the State of West Virginia and was stored outdoors at the state’s Cass Scenic Railroad, famous for its operation of Shay, Climax and Heisler logging locomotives. Cass wanted to operate this 2-8-0 on the Durbin Branch, but a flood washed-out that portion of the line and #612 was never fired-up.
During 2010 it was sold to Robert Franzen, president of Steam Services of America, was disassembled and trucked to the Southeastern Railroad Museum in Duluth, Georgia, for storage.
Just acquired from Mr. Franzen, #612 was transported by several highway trucks from Georgia to Sugarcreek where the 2-8-0 will be placed into an empty AoSRH roundhouse stall in order to stabilize any further decay from its previous outdoor storage.